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Process Optimization

Processes have to be properly developed, clearly defined, assigned with responsibilities and transparently visible. Most processes in companies are not. The results are mistakes, avoidable stress, disputes between employees and reduced customer satisfaction.

Automated Data Processing

Automated data processing in the cleansing and enrichment of master data and analytical datasets to ensure consistent, high quality data processing for better reporting, improved regulatory compliance and easier decision-making.

Strategy Consulting

Mid- and long-term strategy development with effective evaluation of expected changes in the market based on fundamental company and market analysis including detailed and consistent recommendations for the next 3, 5, 10 years.

Business Weakness Analysis

Fundamental analysis starting with single processes up to the combination and evaluation of the entire business process over all company hierarchy levels for the complete identification of process and environmental weaknesses.

Software Development

Customized software tools to simplify and simplify processes and reduce man hours. No expensive additional costs for every little function - straightforward useful software tools.

Ditigal Kaizen

Fundamental review and analysis of IT systems, IT architecture, websites, electronic data processing processes to identify and elimininate system weaknesses, process inaccuracies, vulnurabilities and possible problem causes in the IT enviroment.

How we work


We use our pragmatic and solution-oriented approach to identify the biggest problem areas, analyse them in detail and then implement and track short-term quick win solutions on site, initiate medium-term optimisations and evaluate long-term optimisation potential using use cases to implement them seamlessly into the corporate strategy via detailed cost-benefit assessments.

Deadline Compliant

Not meeting deadlines is not good manners, which is why we at EDBC complete our projects on time and in the agreed quality or higher, even after detailed evaluation and cost estimation.

Economically Meaningful

In order to make our consulting economically reasonable, each project is calculated in advance with a pragmatic use case to compare the project costs with the opposing cost optimizations. Depending on the project focus, a return on investment of months to 1-2 years is aimed for. This goal has been met in every EDBC project so far.

What else we provide?

Interpersonal Sensitivity

In order to ensure internal company and project communication despite possible disrupted conditions inside or between the company divisions, we are trained as technically versed - but also as interpersonal and intercommunicative sensitive partners.

International Management Experience

For several years we have been successfully advising multinational companies in the automotive and automotive supplier industry, pharmaceuticals, fmcg producers, logistics and transport companies, manufacturing plants, banking and insurance businesses, petrochemical industry as well as NGO's on site across multiple countries and continents.

Profound Technical Understanding

Our profound understanding in production and processing engineering as well as in logistics, transport and distribution of goods and materials enables us to look at operations and business processes from several perspectives to analyse and evaluate individual processes and departments not only from a single perspective but also from a whole company or industry-wide view.

Automotive Automotive Suppliers Manufacturing FMCG Production Logistics & Transport Petrochemicals Pharmaceuticals NGO's Banking & Insurance

Improved Processes
Analyzed Datasheets
Cleansed Product Master Data Sets
Implemented Systems

What our clients say

“Many processes that were perceived as
inherently difficult are now running

Process Evaluation and Optimization

“The work with the other departments is
much easier now that everybody knows
where their responsibility starts and where it
ends as well as what is expected of them to

Process Evaluation and Optimization

“The daily shop floors help us to concentrate
on the currently most important things.”

International Project Management & PMO

“Outsourcing the weekly PMO to EDBC was
the best management decision my boss
made in 2019.”

International Project Management & PMO

“EDBC proactively addressed all the mistakes
made by our other data cleansing
consultancies already in the first meeting,
recommending a customized end to end
strategy and assuring a quality that was not
compromised until the delivery of the fully
satisfying, cleansed and categorized data.”

Master Data Management & Data Cleansing

"The structured and clean working methods
of EDBC are both straightforward and
effective. Processes, data and reports are
fundamentally analyzed and weaknesses are
relentlessly pointed out but never without
the appropriate recommendation.”

Data Analysis & Business Intelligence

"Artificial intelligence has helped us to
optimize our routes in the most efficient

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

“Repetitive tasks require constant output
quality. Artificial intelligence can guarantee
this actually much better than human

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

“It is incredible how real the circumstances
of the simulation are.”

Digital Realities & Virtual Planning

“The simulation fully meets the spirit of the
next generation of production line
employees to learn the production
processes in virtual reality as some kind of a

Digital Realities & Virtual Planning

"The tools we ordered from EDBC were
developed in a very short time and do not
only save a lot of repetitive working time for
our employees, but also provide a high
degree of user friendliness and user focus.”

Software Development & Customized Digital Tools

"Whenever we are convinced that something is not possible, EDBC proposes a solution with a concrete plan and executes it to our fullest satisfaction within a few months.
Mr. Seringec is practically the Saul Goodman of Management Consulting."

Process Evaluation and Optimization
Satisfied Stakeholders
Counterproven "Not possible´s"

Reference Projects

Who we are

Founded in 2018, Evolution Data Business Consulting is an independent technology and management consulting firm based in Vienna. We serve clients mainly in the automotive, pharmaceutical and other high-tech industries in Europe and Asia.

In addition to offering traditional strategic business consulting, EDBC excels in providing solutions based on modern technologies. These include:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Digital reality and augmented reality solutions
  • Robot-assisted process automation (RPA)
  • As well as practical toolkits for the digitalization of plants and processes

EDBC offers a pragmatic and structured approach to complex issues and convinces with our authentic nature and hands-on mentality.

Trust through Quality

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